"True Empowerment is found in ones ability to embrace vulnerability, transparency, accountability and ultimately availability. It is in these, that true empowerment is fostered and therefore elevation is inevitable." 
 Vinise M. Capers

"It is a Privilege to Serve"

Your Coach
We dont' work for you we work with you. Partnering with our clients is a privilege we dont take for granted.E4E Implements practices designed to get the best of you out of the rest of you!
Your Presenter​​
Vinise brings vibrance to any workshop. E4E comprehends that there are no two workshops alike.
Therefore, presentations are geared to the audience we serve. We are confiedent that we will convey our client's message passionately and effectively. 
Vinise M. Capers
Your Consultant
"As a Native New Yorker I have been privvy to grand skyscrapers, immeasureable crowds and great diversity. But amongst all the grandness there was nothing grander than the magnitude in which I've learned to dream."
Have your employees lost their drive; grown complacent? E4E offeres a fresh approach to strenghtening teams, cultivating leaders nd recharging a company's greatest asset:their human capital. In turn increasing profitability. 
      Any size business is our business! 
Available for the following...


Community Events

Academic Ceremonies & Assemblies

Spiritual Organizations

Women & Teen Groups

Groups of all sizes

Virtual  Sessions